The perfect blend of looks, health, & temperament


Paintedcats Catmandu of Prismatic

TICA Champion (CH)

Paintedcats Red Star

Catman's Mother

photo: Helmi Flick

Catman's Father

photo: Helmi Flick

Paintedcats Clear Skies

 Our Studs 

*HCM clear 01/16/2018
*Pure for spotting (does not carry the marble gene)
*Pure for color (carries no color recessives)
*PK Def N/N
*PRA N/K​​

Catman is a large boy that has nice structure and musculature even at a young age. He has lovely combination of both "type" and "flash" and we are very excited to have him in our program! He has gold, rounded eyes with wild expression. His coat is tight and possess amazing contrast and clarity. Aesthetics aside, he is a total love bug and will follow you around like a puppy. We really can't say enough wonderful things about this boy! Thank you to our friend Jim Lubbad at Paintedcats for this awesome boy!


Drinkwater Cloud Reflection of Prismatic

         Prismatic Intrinsic Perfection



       Catman's Health Clearances 

HCM Screen: (too young at this time)

Catman Has been color tested & carries the Dilute (Blue) gene

Catman has been tested and cleared for over
40 genetic diseases! 

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The cats below are no longer active in our breeding program 

They are listed here as reference cats and have all been placed in their forever homes after finishing their breeding and/or showing careers

photo: Helmi Flick


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      Retired Studs

*HCM clear 03/10/2017
*Pure for spotting (does not carry the marble gene)
*Carries for Seal Lynx Point 
*PK Def N/N


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