Available - The kitten is available for inquires

Under Evaluation - The kitten is currently being evaluated as a potential future cat for our program, and may be staying here at Prismatic

Breeder Pending - A breeder has expressed serious interest in this kitten and we are further evaluating show/breeding potential to "officially" reserve him/her. Kitten may become available as a pet if this kitten does not develop into a show/breeding quality kitten

Reserved - This kitten is spoken for and will be going to their new home soon

Tailwinds Flash Dance of Prismatic

Kanpur New Horizons​ of Prismatic

All kittens from this litter are brown rosetted and will not carry any color recessives (Will be pure for color)


(will not produce marble offspring) 

Our waiting list for this litter is full - Please contact us if you are interested in a kitten from  a planned litter in the near future 

 Available Kittens


(850) 621-7125

The perfect blend of looks, health, & temperament


​  Kittens Arrived! -  March 17th 2019


It is very important to know that we typically have a waiting list for our kittens - if you are interested in getting a kitten from Prismatic, please contact us to further discuss what you are looking for and be placed on the waiting list.

Pet kitten - prices range from $1,800-$2,800 (for spotted/rosetted kittens)  depending on color, pattern, and overall quality of each, individual kitten. 
NOTE: Pet kittens are either altered before leaving our cattery or are sold on a STRICT spay/neuter contract!!!
Breeder/Show kitten  - prices start at $3,000 and go up depending on color, type, pedigree, recessives, and overall quality of each, individual kitten. I will not place my kittens into breeder homes unless they have good type and possess show potential

NOTE: this  does not mean you will be required to show your kitten- it only means I want to continue to improve the  breed to the best of my ability)    
NOTE:We are EXTREMELY particular about placing kittens into breeder homes. Please be prepared to answer questions about yourself and your program!!!